Painting on ANYTHING I Find in a Mystery Box #2

Avaldati 19 veebr 2021
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Hey guys! Today I am going to do a part 2 of "painting on anything i find in a mystery box." It's a fund way to challenge myself creatively and force things to be a little out of m control. Hopefully we get something good that I can turn into art!
I decided to start this series because i wanted a little throwback moment and so I ordered some mystery boxes off of Etsy (remember when ebay mystery boxes was like THE trend on youtube?!). I wanted to not only have fun unboxing some random items picked by a stranger, but also throw a creative spin on this. My channel is all about creativity and making art, so I thought a cool way to incorporate some art would be to force myself to choose ONE item received from a mystery box and have to use it as part of some creative project. I will either paint on it, decorate it, customize it orrrrr something completely different, who knows?! It's a mystery!
If you have any recommendations for where I can buy some more mystery boxes, please let me know! I think this could get really interesting and be a fun way to discover new painting projects and find cool ideas for things to customize.

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  • Moriah should do customising a whole deck of playing cards (digitally) copy and paste if you agree! - Got that from 4all

  • The close ups where everything in this video

  • I love how your so positive

  • Hi :)

  • Not to be mean but it kinda looks like a paper plate.

  • Me: looking at the backround Her: hey it’s me Me: still looking at the backround

  • Idk how Moriah isn’t always proud of what she does. She’s an amazing artist and I love all of her work!!!!!

  • Redo the tiger backpack!!!!!!!!!! Dooooo ittttt!!!!! I know you’d do something awesome!

  • I LUV THE PLATE!! i think maybe you could put a candle or somethin on it... idk


  • “Ew there’s hair everywhere” rhyming haha

  • i feel soo bad because she spent so much money to just paint on strips of paper

  • my dog barking while moriah says “Opie is that you” me:no its not hehe

  • You know when the box is saying “there is definitely not used trash in here” you should be sus I guess

  • That was sad, what a ripoff


  • when you just got two ads from her by premire then she does an ad from the same company in the video sToNkS

  • This is why people need to specify the genre of their mystery boxes, because they do cons like this. I feel so bad for Moriah watching her slog through these. I would have reacted the exact same, pure disappointment.

  • You could paint the fat battery 🔋

  • Do a whole deck of card that you decorate

  • Moriah should do customising a whole deck of playing cards (digitally) copy and paste if you agree!

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  • Do the dragon

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  • Who else thinks that they put random things in a box and sent to her

  • tHeRes WiRes

  • wow

  • Literally whoever sold that mystery box is a trash human. They just gave put all their crappy wish purchases into a box. Wow 😳....$130 !!!!!!!!!! that’s so painful to think about :(

  • The box was horrible but it was entertaining 😻🎊🎈🎭😂

  • Opie's bag

  • I want a sticky tablet holder

  • 5:25 hey you wanna hear a joke Do you know why a infant is called a infant? Because when people saw elePHANTS they realised... Wait eleFANT and the child is IN the eleFANT Get it INFANT

  • Your video's are so funny

  • I used to use paper strips to make little paper stars but now i forgot how do do it again

  • Who else was annoyed when Moriah described the gadgets as “masculine”? I am a girl and I love to play with electronics...

  • When the video started I hoped the lots of money she spent were worth it

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  • Looks like a nerd who needed money so he went threw his Horde

  • Why do u do one just a worst of timeeeeeeeeëeeeee

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  • Moriah: it looks like a toilet seat Me: *Chokes on air and laughs at the same time* I lost it 😂 5:27

  • Ok wait who kinda forgot about opie....

  • Hi moriah! I am a big fan and I have been watching you for a while! You have got me through so much whenever I was sad I watched,your videos and it made me laugh especially when my dad passed your videos made me feel so much better I just wanted to tell you that I love your videos and your so funny because you don’t know it but you make so many people happy including me and you have inspired me to draw I appreciate you. Bye!

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  • I want that sticky tablet holder


  • Please do a backpack It doesn’t have to be the tiger one but I think a backpack is such a cool thing to customize

  • Hi Moriah I have a suggestion, you should totally paint on a ukulele! Btw I wrote this on my other acc too!

  • Me just thinking while she is opening :she got scammed bad

  • That box looks like everything came from a box of returns for like Amazon. You guy buy those boxes almost direct, but you have to buy a lot, and most of it is garbage.

  • btw the box was useless and AWFUL


  • #AD

  • idea for merch: you should make a sprinkle shirt! prob boring but u love sprinkles! so id LOVE that i would buy one maybe in a dress? nah a shirt is better!!

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  • The only good thing you got were the star making thingy's everything else was TRASH a lot of money on TRASH

  • Moriah: technology is not my thing Moriah: does the best editing in the world

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  • You plug the chrome cast into your TV and you can cast things from your devices to your TV

  • I loved the plate im a rainbow collecter

  • I use Film Maker lol....

  • I like the plate tho

  • And they said no trash included wait what that was all trash because they didn’t include parts that make a whole technically piece just wires or used items.

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  • I use kind master. But for beginners it is a little hard

  • Ny Number is2345-46666-792

  • Paint on the kid backpack

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  • `

  • But then sell all the stuff you don’t like and buy stuff you do like- sell all the gadgets and buy paints and stuff-


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  • is it how you re show your mistakes

  • aDoBe aFtErAfEcT

  • oh this is cool anybody else remember when she actually used mod podge?

  • Can.I.have.tIger.back.pack.please😄👻✌💗👑

  • Wow that box was so disappointing :( but Omg I’m actually OBSESSED with that plate you made!! It’s so cute!! I would buy that in a heartbeat for sure! Plus it matches my username with the stars

  • Wow that box was so disappointing :( but Omg I’m actually OBSESSED with that plate you made!! It’s so cute!! I would buy that in a heartbeat for sure! Plus it matches my username with the stars

  • You are awesome at painting things even though they might be really odd!

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