Painting Old Nasty Ornaments

Avaldati 11 dets 2020
Hey guys! today I am going to be painting some old, crusty ornaments that I bought from a used lot on Ebay. I wanted to make some DIY ornaments, or find some way to create custom ornaments. There aren't too many options for paintable ornaments, so instead of looking for something pre-made, I decided to buy a bunch of used ornaments, fix them up and paint on those. I think this is a really fun idea if you are looking for christmas art projects or creative holiday activities to do. I'm sure you could also find a bunch of great options at thrift stores if you didn't want to buy a whole lot.
I had so much fun with this. It was really cool getting to put my own style on these ornaments. I would love to do more, how can I spin this to make it less Christmas specific? 😂 Painting on trinkets? Painting on keychains? idk LOL

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  • I like the elephant 🐘

  • Puppy paint😂😂😂😂

  • her:bonbon my mind:fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf....


  • I love the "puppy paint"

  • The first ornament:bear prop of ornament name:bon bon all mixed together:HEY BON BON GO GET AT EM fnaf refrence

  • You should use your Pasca pens and decorate A scooter and do it on camera because I bet you’re a real like it

  • You can have a tree in your art room and have it not only for Christmas

  • bOn BoN

  • I hate the demons!

  • OMG

  • Who’s watching this when Christmas is done? 😂

  • I can't sleep, so thank you for entertaining me at 3am😋

  • Its no brown bear its a "brownie" bear 😏

  • anyone else hear "fanta" if you turn it down a lot like 2 clicks?? 2:30

  • I love your art! I wish I was as good as you.

  • It is 2021 and first day of summer but Im still watching this

  • You say bonbon I say THAT IS A NAME


  • Wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moriah you are the paint queeeeeen!

  • You can’t taste Christmas

  • moriah: oh gosh thats scary.. me: ANNABELL AJHSHDGSJ XUHS

  • If you look really closely you can see a cute little white bear standing in a box who I'm pretty sure has a pink cape and a little hat in 12:00 if I could I would have pointed her out with a circle around her. She's right next the screaming santa and near the little complicated challenge of a... King ? Right before she picked out chriss mouse.

  • Just to put an image in your head for the people hiding in the comments, when you look at something you know exactly what it tastes/feels like, that water bottle. You know! That blanket, you know! The phone your looking at right now, YOU KNOW WHAT IT WOULD TASTE LIKE!!......your welcome

  • I think you could hang ornaments up in your room since they're not necessarily Christmas themed. I have a shelf in my room that's kinda upside-down wave shaped that I hung acrylic keychains from for decoration.

  • Make part 2🤗


  • Anyone else get hefalump vibes from the toy elephant?

  • It’s the mouse version of crooked eye Marrie, but the eyes are not crooked

  • Patches the stuffed elephant ornament

  • Elephant is crying my name

  • Why do you paint almost everything rainbow

  • Fun fact 😄 this was the first moriah video I watched

  • Moriah: puts varnish on with me: dips in varnish

  • i love them

  • Am I the only one who legit *died of laughter* When she looked at all the old ornaments?

  • Why did I read this as “Reading Nasty Old Comments”- 💀

  • People : who’s your favourite EEclone Me : Moriah Elizabeth she paints on things and sometimes she makes textured plastic :) and she once painted her self she’s cool 😎

  • After watching this video I really realized something about Moriah she’s an amazing awesome beautiful psychopath

  • When I tell you I thought she was going to paint circles not Demons

  • Cool this is so amazing

  • the elefant is soooo cute

  • omg it was my birthday when you made this video!

  • Pssst hey mariah a craft idea if youd like. You could put some kinda stick in the bonbon then you can have a stand AND it could be called a chocolate cake pop

  • My anxiety and concern for her fingers at 3:52 ↗↗↗

  • Moriah did not put the strawberry in her ranking video



  • I love that she talks to us like she has known us for years. 😄🤣

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  • I know its not December but can you do a part two? so you can put a little Christmas tree on your art room and have ornaments that you painted in it.

  • But that mouse was sooo cute 😻😍🥰

  • Why do you always do pink frosting?

  • Just me thinking of Angelina Ballerina

  • Those are some crappy ornaments you got there. They better be thankful that there being customize by you!

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  • I like the little elephant Like this comment if you do to!!!

  • You could have turned the bear in to Paddington on a ball

  • Me questioning her when she said she was putting purple on the elephants ears but I see pink:👁👄👁


  • You should get a mini tree, put your colorful ornaments on it, and put it in your art room, so it’s not only I seasonal thing :)

  • Times you forget the sprinkle song

  • Hi moriah Ak art queen

  • Whenever my dad gets enough money we are going to buy broken ornaments and I’m going to reinvent them I hope I do good on them

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  • Some of these ornaments were scary

  • Love u so so so so so so so so so so much 💓

  • I am still wondering if gesso is just white paint?

  • If i was doing that i would have made it a cast on the foot

  • “ chocolate bear - Chocolate milk ” _Flashbacks to the Hot coco bear_

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  • 12:59

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  • Legend has it that if someone comments on a christmas video of moriahs, and types this secret phrase: "Rainbows cannot have optional colors" ...a christmas miracle will happen and moriah will heart your comment! Hope this helps.

  • Moriah: this elephant is UgLy!!!! the person who hand made those ornaments: "clicks off" *cries*

  • A B S D E F G

  • Jei

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  • It's Eeyore!

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