I Decorated a Gingerbread House

Avaldati 4 dets 2020
Hey! Today I thought it would be fun to try to decorate a gingerbread house, in order to get a little festive and do some creative christmas themed projects. If you've never tried making a DIY gingerbread house before, don't let this video scare you, you definitely should! It's a really fun activity to do with friends and family where you can get creative. Also, no matte how ugly it turns out, it always tastes good 😂 . There are always tons of make your own gingerbread house kits available around this time of year. But make sure you get plenty of extra frosting and candy for decorating!! 🤣
Anyway, sorry that this project didn't turn out exactly how I was hoping. I hope you enjoy it anyway, and mayyyyybe you'll get some tips on how to decorate a gingerbread house and how NOT to decorate a gingerbread house 🤣
I am hoping to do at least one more christmas themed art project this season, so make sure you stick around for that!

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  • I love ❤️ candy 🍭 so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moriah: fu- ad : WeLl HeLlO mOtHeRfU- (SHE WAS ABOUT TO SAY FUN PPL)

  • What do you mean you do beter then me

  • Bruh

  • Love it

  • This girl always makes me laugh no mater the vidieo♥♥♥😊

  • Loved the pallet knife use

  • am i the only one who thinks its cute

  • l think it look's so amazing

  • me being like how you gonna work with that much candy it can barely feed an ant then her being like ohnonono my child

  • i have no idea why they gave her a piping bag because they barely give her enough frosting to cover 1/3 of the house. edit uh i just relised that they gave her a whole bag of frosting lol

  • Bro I can’t even make a gingerbread house😡.I ended eating everything without building it🤣😂😅

  • I cant even do the frosting or stand it up right🤦‍♀️

  • You should paint a bob ross tutorial but with frosting, btw rosana pansino did that

  • She is like playing with frosting 😂

  • Its beautiful she always puts herself down when it looks amazing


  • How do you hate it I love it

  • I liked the rainbow roof with out the brown lines and skittles so yeah :)

  • Yeah this is the reason why people stick to the red and green colors for christmasy things like this. Like i kinda like the roof but the door and the windows you tried to do can just burn.

  • Really

  • Moriah : don’t like Me : love ❤️ it!!!!!

  • you should have just copy what was on the box

  • could you do a video with jordan

  • Moriah: MY GINGERBREAD HOUSE IS UGLY Me: I can’t even get the parts together without it breaking

  • I can’t believe you actually did it. When ever I try making a gingerbread house it all just fall apart and it ends up going in the trash.

  • Moriah:It looks Ugly Me:Just use puffy paint,it fixes everything 😏

  • Omg girl 10:20 its netter than i would do

  • 3 : 46 She s like why does this smell like paint thinner

  • I think it looked good in one way But in an other way it looked really bad

  • Stop saying it’s not cute it’s really cute I love it and I’m not trying to be nice but I am but like I actually really like it

  • I think is so cute 😍

  • The amount of memes in this video 😂.

  • I’m pretty sure half of these views are from me... *I think I love this channel to much...*

  • Moriah Sometimes Criticizes Herself

  • I think it looked really cute

  • hi moriah i just wanna say if you evr do this again buy the ginger bread houses that are alredy built all you got to do is decorate it

  • There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah's design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn't fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishy's and merch. Let's try and get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! Thank you. (Credit to Charlie Dog, This was their original comment.)

  • My little sister adores that gingerbread house she made... But probably because she is obsessed with rainbow and frosting combinations.😂🌈🎂

  • Moriah you are going to hard on yourself... 😞

  • I think it's adorable

  • It looks AMAZING!!!

  • I laughed so hard!

  • X-rayghrdrdrs*k$8 s R

  • I like the gingerbread House

  • Who else thought that it looked great?

  • It would’ve been better to ice the roof completely in white, then add the rainbow skittles over as the shingles themselves. Adding trim with cut strips of the sour ribbons would also give clean edges

  • The ginger house looks really REALLY nice to me!

  • first time i have laughed at your art work...

  • I like the rainbow roof

  • If she was homophobic I would be surprised

  • Moriah- ugh I hate it, it is soooo ugly Me-*embarrassed af because that's the best I can do*😞😞😞

  • Decorate seashells please please pleade

  • the rainbow is really cool

  • your so hard on youeself i love that gingerbread house LITTERLY

  • It's soooooooooooooooooooooooo good That's way better then my house

  • !!!

  • Merry chirstmas moriah@@

  • It was fine w/ the rainbow until the cookie icing

  • Does anyone else kinda like the ginger bread house? Just me, ok.

  • Your doing good can you say my name Lilly rose

  • gurl why didnt u where gloves

  • It turned out so pretty

  • It’s adorable

  • i like it

  • it's okay you try your best

  • I Love it

  • Moriah says: I hate this Me: It's not bad Merry Christmas

  • It pwitty

  • I love it its cute she says its ugly but its not

  • I love it

  • It’s pretty

  • Her: I hate it it look horrible Me: 👁👄👁 iTs BeAuTIfuL I lOvE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • I think it looks nice

  • Moriah: I sorry you guys had to see this MONSTROSITY! Me: I think that your gingerbread house is VERY PRETTY!!!

  • I want to try it out on Christmas eve

  • Moriah: This is UGLY Me: Mine always looks like a tornado hit it

  • Me: axedently skips intro me notices that: REWINDS ahhhh the music is UFIJDWHISUfjk,dhmsnIJKVMDSANBFJKDma,snif jackdaw,khmvndsoajkl,mhvnsdjiKF,GHNDsjk, AMAZING CHEFS KIZZ

  • the roof is actually really really good

  • it is grat

  • So pretty

  • I kinda like it except for the brown lines but I love the rainbow I also have horrible taste so take this however you want

  • it is better than i could do

  • Was i the only one who thought the blendy rainbow was cute?

  • moriah: this is so ugly me: um............. i don't think its ugly copy and paste if you agee

  • I like it

  • Be happy

  • It looks amazing

  • Your gingerbread house looks good

  • try and make a charcater or somthing out of lego so you get an existing character and make it out of lego idk lol

  • I dont think its that bad I couldn't do better

  • Am I the only one who thought it was cute

  • You made me want ginger bread

  • I like the frosting of gingerbread house's

  • Once apon a time I was making a ginger bread house with my little sister. We were having a fun time making it. When we were done with the house, we got to taste it. I let my little sister take the first amount of destruction and she said it was good. So I tried it too. When I took a bit of it, nothing happend and it tasted good, just as my little sister said. But about an hour and a half later, I felt a sharp pain in my mouth. So I looked in the bathroom mirror, just to find a piece of the ginger bread in my mouth, sticking out of my tooth. When I picked it out, blood. Just a lot of blood. After I put a couple tissues in my wound to stop the bleeding, I looked in my mouth and their was a tiny hole in my tooth. So that is why I haven't even looked at a ginger bread for the rest of my life. I was 11 when this happened to me, now I'm 18. Yes this is all true, every single word. So to all of you who haven't tried a ginger bread house, please be careful eating it.

  • This is so hallarios, I think I’ve decorated the big one b4 with my bestie

  • Moriah making a rainbow ginger bread house: IT'S SO UGLY Me trying to even blend colors: ._. btw i think the house was pretty good

  • I actually liked the decoration 😄😊😍💕

  • I love it

  • It doesn't actually look half bad. Says me who can't put frosting on without making a mess.