Thrift Store Makeover #9

Avaldati 22 jaan 2021
Hey guys! Today is another pisode from my series Thrift Store Makeovers, where I take a used, worn out item (OR sometimes from yard sales or off of ebay) clean it up, fix it up and decorate it. I love hunting through thrift stores to find old, rejected items and then decorating them and putting my own style on them to turn them into new pieces of art. I've definitely missed these thrift flips and I want to do more thrifting soon!
In this episode I am going to be painting on and customizing a mini bubble gum machine. I had so much fun with this and I think it was a really cool and unique item to customize. Hope you like it!

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  • queen this is one of my favorite Thrift store makeovers! 😋💖🌸🌷🌈🦋🐾✨

  • Wow , Moriah are you left handed ? I heard that people who are left handed are more artistic than people who are left handed ? I right handed , i literally just noticed that your left handed , thats really cool!

  • hi i am quite young and i really would like to start painting on squishys what are the main things i need

  • The same color bubble gum as her nails 💅 13:13 look

  • it is for bigger bubble gum(s) that is why more small ones come out

  • rainbows i like rainbows

  • Anyone else get jumped scared when she put her face in the gesso

  • Hi! I was wondering if u can paint simple dimples ( fidget toy ) and turn them into your characters.

  • there was 8 bags on camera of bublegum

  • who else looks forward to hearing the "Hey its Me" every Friday?

  • I never knew I liked art this much 💜

  • Moriah: I don’t need to teach you guys Us: yes you do we are all in kindergarten MUHAHA

  • I I actually painted a she 🐚 Shell

  • I love your videos I been watching for 3 years I had a bubble gum machine a mini one but it broke and don't where it is pls heart my comment you are my most favorite youtuber and your videos are so funny😊

  • me; sees cousin derp. my head; he was gonna be ORANGE!

  • You should've made it a person. Bottom the body, bowl a head and add eyes and a mouth, top thing a hat

  • Fun fact: people want Moriah to start the ‘painting on rubber ducks’ series

  • These gumball machines are the type of thing that would be useless to have multiple lying around (even one is probably pretty useless to most people), but it could actually look great to have a collection of them in different designs - painting different characters in the panels/columns of the bodies to not have to deal with the ridges, using the beloved fruit and/or food and/or desert designs, using the base as a beach scene or something and turning the glass into a fish bowl, etc, etc.

  • It's great to see how thoroughly she cleans and preps the things she's gonna paint instead of half-assing it.

  • DISCLAIMER: Pls don't Judge my comment --------------------------------------------------- Someone's kid in 2050 who does not read dates: "Mom.. look! This girl is soo good at art" That kids mom: 😳.. "MY CHILDHOOD 😭" Also that kids mom: u do know this Is from 2021.. right?

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She shops at goodwill😖😖😣😣😩

  • Hey did you have a Dyson vacuum I have a Dyson vacuum

  • all that dirt tho

  • 7:39 Listen to m.e say “dont invite him” in 0.5x speed. It’s sounds like she’s sorta moody, not “Burt” 😳

  • Moriah: “it’s the gesso that never ends~” *HeHeHHHheEEehHH 🤍👁👄👁🤍*

  • so so so so cool...........

  • I saw this same bubblegum Machine at a gas station, selling for 39.99....

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I 💖 the sloth

  • ME:Creaking noise Captions:Music

  • I have the exact bubblegum machine

  • Pant pant and more pant

  • i relly liket it

  • Gimme DEH sloth!!

  • Moriah:m* acts like she’s overtired* Me: oh my she’s here rn-

  • (when she changed the background colour counter) 6 your wellcome for my useless info!

  • MORIAH ELIZABETH!!!!! TO MUCH RAINBOW 🌈🌈!!!! I'm just kidding I LoVe rainbows. Got u there didn't I?

  • Her no more sounds 5 mins later there is a sound

  • paint on bubble gum

  • When the gesso runs out 👁👄👁

  • Do custom masks

  • i love ALL of them

  • Steven the sloth or Robert the sloth

  • I thought the hat was the cherry from turning myself into a cupcake lol

  • His name is..... NELSON! his name is nelson :)

  • Normal people: “I’m going to put overused memes in my videos!” Rainbow dessert obsessed maniac Moriah: “I will make my own memes cause I myself am a meme!”

  • " *Hey It's me* " Nobody: What is she gonna say?? Me: is she saying her name in a shortcut or the actual word??

  • Arent we gonna talk about the Gesso it look like the same amount evertime when she show it

  • I've never seen a bubblegum machine before

  • it will be so cool if you just walk in like a doller store and you saw a rainbow gumball despesr

  • Am I the only one who noticed the pence she was using with the carecters

  • たなやまやさまやゆたら?はたはたらあらあなさやた。

  • Loved it a lot . Was very cute .

  • 👄🍦💰❄🐁🍏👄🍦💰❄🐁🍏👄🍦💰❄🐁🍏👄🍦💰❄🐁🍏👄🍦💰❄🐁🍏🍠💉🙍🇮🇹🗿👉🍭🍬🍫😘👍 4 u😡👤👊😺😒👈👉😟👗👙👩♨️🛁❤👀😂😅😋😡😡🍚+🐟=🍣🤔➡️❌🚬🍟➕🍔➕🍗

  • I'll give 1000 likes for #10


  • Anyone know what paint she uses?...

  • Moriah: *Talking* Me: *searching how to get a Shout out*

  • pls don’t Copy and past this but *SHE FORGOT TO PAIND THE GUM HOLE-*

  • “That just looked like a screeching sound” -2021 Moriah Elizabeth

  • ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Now I want bubblegum

  • Moriah: hits elbow Also Moriah: OW Me: RELATABLE

  • The Dragon is suppose to have a rainbow belly, did anybody else relies that???

  • Are you sure that like your whole channel was sponsored by Gesso?

  • It's the Gesso that never ends... or is it the Bubble gum that never ends...

  • I’ve actually seen that bubble my gum shit at Goodwill I’ve really wanted to get it well I’m happy you got it

  • they say karina Garcia is the queen of crafts I think moriah without a doubt is the queen of crafts 👑😁

  • I’m so happy she cleaned it due these times 😅

  • So cute!

  • Can you please do a baking kit🙏🎂

  • We’re not dumb we know that the rainbow

  • no particular order huh lol

  • I love it!

  • That green monster pin hase the same name Nelson

  • Moriah: Hi it’s me Me : I thought it was him Lolololololol

  • this turned out amazing. so so so cute 😍

  • Love 💘 😻 💜 💛

  • Can you make a gum ball machine full of mini squishys? Called : Mini squish machine

  • Omg, I watched her when I was younger, and today I just randomly found her again 🙂

  • Ugly sound effects

  • Omg so rare lol. You should make a song for gesso

  • Bro imagine if she was our art teacher

  • Does she realize if you twist the red top the screw will come out so she didn't need to struggle ?

  • Bruh she painted on the same gumball machine I have at home !

  • who wants her to be well rested because she provides content to us every week and deserve basic human respect copy/paste to make her see this


  • OK, so the can in the rainbow dresses name is Lucy correct? My name is Lucy! yay

  • Gesso be looking sus

  • 152.92$ is what was spent on bubblegum, this is my new forte...

  • 2

  • She is just like “No more sound affects” Later” fart sounds”

  • All the people here have SO MANY LIKES but not meh:(

  • Actually it’s three in a half

  • I love it

  • moriah if you're reading this, i have a tip to keep your paint strong without using varnish: Take it to the gym and you will have this big buff blob of paint

  • REEEEEEEEE IDK why but i get so annoyed when gesso or paint is patchy 😂

  • Some people: complaining that she uses TOO MUUCHH RAINBOWS!! Me: MOOOOOOORRRREEEEE RAINBOWSSSSSS!!!!!

  • Awesome 👏

  • This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they continued singing it for ever just because, this is the song that never ends,...