Me. Painting on Things #2

Avaldati 29 jaan 2021
Hey guys! So today’s video is another video of me just painting on things. literally. just. tHiNgS. I have done this once before and you guys seemed to like it. I basically just do this when I feel overwhelmed with ideas and just want to pick out some random items to customize as I feel inspired. Just like last time, I gave myself a bunch of options for different art activities to do including painting squishies, making custom pencil pouches, painting on tote bags, decorating seashells, rock painting, custom painting vans, my sketchbook, creating a digital painting (procreate art) decorating outlet covers, painting on random objects I've collected like vases, wooden craft items etc. Most of these I’ve done at some point on my channel. Some of them have become my kinda go-to, and some of them I hadn’t done in quite a while.
Hopefully it can give you some fun ideas for things to customize. All of these are cheap things that make for super fun painting projects.

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  • the sticker said 3.99 how could u not see it when u zoomed in i guess i have super vision with my glasses on

  • when she didn't put green everyone watching: 😦😧😦😦😩😩😩😩😩😩😠😠😠😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😠😡😡🤬😠🤬😡 oh yay she put green 5:30

  • Stop being hard on yourself all the time when you paint people you need to stop being hard

  • 11:57 half n’ half 🤣 todoroki

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  • Tbh I'm glad that Moriah top us that she changed her nailed cause if not I wouldn't ever of noticed

  • on the vase in the water thing it looks like the reflection of the rainbow

  • Anyone else want to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :)🌈

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  • GeOrGiE

  • what the apps name i like the app

  • I have the same app !!! 😮

  • Can you please do the barn in another video if you haven't done it in another video or off video, because I have the exact same one and I want to get a idea to do to it, because I've had it for a while, and I'm a young small bad at art, artist, but I want to try and grow my art skills, and I just want to say your so talented and you inspire me and i learn alot of great art tips in your vids, and get me ideas

  • Moriah - wow it’s so ugly Me trying to do what she does - wow I literally suck why u saying it’s bad! Btw I love u Moriah u r such a skilled artist I have watched all you videos!

  • I recommend the app called sketchpad

  • i thought I was the only one who had to go on smudge hunts

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  • Moriah you should try using copic markers!

  • See she’s the reason why I even decided to create a EEclone channel because she inspired me to keep going and keep making are because if it wasn’t for her I would probably be quitting at all I want to be very good but I still practicing keep on trying because she inspired me and she was one of the very first see you tomorrow as I watch

  • i have that app and did you know that you can go and pick your color then insted of having to color it in everything. all you have to do is drag the little circle on the top of your screen that has the color you are using in the space that you want to color on and i thot that it would help you do that app

  • hi

  • Ok so.. Let's talk so there are Painting on things IN MY ART ROOM and Painting on things part 1 And now Painting on things 2 🤔

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  • 3 99 not 3 95

  • Okay everyone, we all need to remind Moriah to start painting those squishies she has been saving for easter. She told us to remind her 1 month in advance. Copy and paste this so she can see this.

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  • Anybody else realize that Moriah is left handed?

  • not 3.95 its 3.99

  • Moriah: I solemnly swear I will paint something new next week... Me: IM HERE JUST THINKING OF HARRY POTTER AND GOING MENTAL RIGHT NOW!!!

  • Nooo plz do more blendy ramdos.

  • Hey gurl umm tip whenever you paint on stuff and a layer of paint and then gesso and then go and paint it it would help keep the paint on if you don’t want to sand (does not work on squishys )

  • The lines on the base look like rainbow fish!

  • GeOrgiE

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  • I dare you to do something emo 🤣 blow this comment up yall

  • hey uhm whatdrawing tablet do u have? i wanna get the same one as u for my birthday, which is soon :))

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  • Her: pulls up procreate and starts drawing digitally Me before she says the name of the app: OmG she is using pro create I have that app!!!

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  • Stars on ThE StArs

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  • 3.99

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  • Me: wow I wanna do this Mariah:THIS TAKES SOOO LOOONG Me:but just waiting for it too dry and not a artist

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  • History. Clear "DoNuT gIrL"

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